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Community Projects

We are connecting professionals from different walks of life to share their professional knowledge and experience with the youth.

We are a dynamic group of professionals who are offering their personal time to for meeting the youth every week, to give advices for free on interview skills, career planning, personal development and share of their wisdom of experience including genuine and personal stories of success and failures. 

Up-coming Offers (free):

For the moment, we are offering mock interview sessions for free for each selected participants. 

Eligibility: Hong Kong residents below 40 and who want to seek for professional guidances on interview skills.

You will be scheduled to meet one of our voluntary mentors in our Kowloon office or the work place of the mentor.

You will be guided through to experience a mock interview meeting of around 30 mins and following by a review session. The meeting session is for free, but participants have to take care of the transportation on their own. 

It will be a one-on-one interview session, instead of a group interview. Therefore time is very valuable. 

Make sure you are not late or to cancel with a notice of at least 24 hours in advance. 

Participant will be black-listed for our future offers if no show happens.

If you would like to book for a free session to meet with one of our dynamic mentors, please register here.

*Please understand that since the program is free of charge, and our limited capacity, we may not be help and meet all applicants in your preferred time frame or the shortest future or offer you to meet mentors from your desired industries. 

If you are interested to offer your personal time to serve the community, please register here

When you are admitted to be our dynamic voluntary mentors, you may register your service session according to your own availability. There is no compulsory number of hours per week or month to donate.

Meanwhile, since it is a free community service, please be informed that you will not receive any monetary reward for any session you offer to help the youth. Thank you for your support.

Recruit for Voluntary Mentors:

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