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Four Gray Buildings

A new way to become a shareholder.

Start a business without investing money,

but your professions.

Invest TODAY


If you get tired being an employee, you have to become independent from employers. But it will not happen just in one day, so it is time to prepare for it today.

Our idea is to connect different professions to start a business together:

1. You may continue with your existing jobs. 

2. You do not have to invest any money,

3. You only have to contribute your professions or skills or knowledge or experience from any industry.

4. You will be rewarded with shares from the business you assist to start.

5. We are the connector and will help coordinate the start up and project funding and investors.

If you possess any below professions or have any particular skills or know-how or solid experience in any particular industry, you are welcome to contact us to see if any opportunities available. 

Lawyer, accountant, auditor, PR, HR, marketing, business developer, programmer, engineers, designers, multi-media, or any other profession or skills may contribute for a start up.

We, including the investors, can't wait to meet you!

Show  your interest, We will get back to you.

Thanks for showing your interest, we will get back to you soon.

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